Ann McClellan ~woodworks


Emily Hopkins ~paintings


 Rendering the Veil


at The Granite Gallery

July 29 - August 3, 2022

Opening Reception July 30 -  3pm to 5pm


Ann McClellan 


This show is an exploration with a variety of exotic hardwoods I have kept for several years. As a potter, I’m familiar with the understanding that clay has a memory and tolerances. This is also true for wood. Additionally, as with clay, wood can be transformed into functional forms. However, I sought to create these pieces to display the natural, raw color and simple beauty of these wood types and stones. The veneers lend themselves to weaving, and gain strength and stability in layers. The blocks are well suited to hold the dense stones. For as long as I can remember I have loved handling stones. So much of nature is sublime, and the simplicity of holding a stone allows you to access and appreciate natural form and smooth surface. 


Ann McClellan, M.Ed., is an artist and educator living in midcoast Maine. Her pottery is in national and international permanent collections. She was awarded the Iwataya Prize in the Western Japan Arts and Crafts Exhibition. In April 2022, Ann and partner Billy Ray Sims completed the “Nest”, a collaborative art installation that serves as an outdoor learning space at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville, Alabama.

For more information follow: @camdenhillstudio 

Emily Hopkins


Emily Hopkins makes abstract, artwork that has an immediate bold impression on the viewer through presence, gesture, richness of color, and symbolism. These works are about creating an internal psychological & emotional landscape that the viewer can exist in and move through.


Emily's exhibits include a one-person show at The Yellow Shed, Rockland in July 2016 and showings at The North Haven Gallery, Carver Hill Gallery, Leighton Gallery, Husson College, and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. Her work is inspired by the bold elemental forces of nature experienced living in coastal Maine.


For more information follow: @emily_m_hopkins_art


The Granite Gallery 

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