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Tap into your inner wisdom through Meditation and Mindfulness. 

Looking for a bit of peace, some space in your brain to create the life you want to live? It isn't magic pill but it will soon be the magic vitamin you can't imagine living without. Is it hard? No, I don't have time for hard. I only do effective. Join me on the journey to peace. It's way easier when we start the journey together. 

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Want to learn the easy and fun way?


Then tune into my podcast and let's get started.


Season 1 - It's all about the Breath


This podcast is designed for busy people with commitment issues. 

FREE: Lessons will be posted twice a month with bonus episodes to deepen the discussion.

  • Learn by taking small bites not big chunks. 
  • Each season will have a topic.
  • Each season will build on the prior one but you can skip around if you like. 
  • Ready to begin your personal practice? Membership Experience available for $4.99 a month. Try it for 2 weeks for free! These membership only episodes (guided meditation/instruction)  will be available to support what you learn in the episode. There will be 4 meditations each month supporting the topic along with bonus practices. Use these episodes daily to build your practice. 
Add Monthly Meditations to your podcast experience and BEGIN your practice right now for $4.99 a month. Sign up Here! (First 2 weeks are free)


Shout out to anyone who says they can't meditate or they don't have the time. Allow me to prove you wrong.  

I started my life as an anxiety ridden youth and over 40 years later, I still say that Meditation is what made me who I am today. Meditation is way easier to start when you have a mentor. Let me start you on your journey to becoming a meditator. Not a temporary habit, but a full blown wow.

  • Ancient and modern meditation practices made easy. 
  • Discover the method that works for you. 
  • Learn the pillars of meditation that can be found in any "brand" you can think of. 
  • Find out how to make it fit your lifestyle.
  • Build your intentions then learn to embody them.
  • Laugh and smile along the way. 
  • Life is hard. Meditation shouldn't be. 


Simple online learning coupled with a few coaching sessions = success

After teaching in classroom settings, online and one on one for over a decade, have finally figured out what works best. A process where things actually stick. Here is your one on one, personal path to peace:

  • Coaching via Zoom.  Thirty minute focused sessions, once a week with check ins as needed.
  • Coupled with 14 Days to Peace online learning platform. 
  • We will have you experiencing meditation from day one. Life it too short to waste another moment. 
  • Upon completion of the course, I will record meditation designed just for you. 
  • This entire process can be completed in as little as 6 hours a week over two weeks, or can be stretched out with as little as a few hours a week over one to three months. This program is tailored to you.  It all depends on your schedule and desire.

Program cost: 

Accelerated two week class - $320 with access to the online course for four months from your start date. All meditation recordings may be downloaded for a lifetime of use. 

Contact me for detail on an extended program. 


email me at [email protected] and let's chat!

What customers are saying...

“My new normal is listening to your meditation every day. I fall in love with the last one I hear each day and look forward to keeping all the meditations.”

Ronni B

"Alexa's class was a life changer. I learned how to become more aware of what was going on around me and within me, and how to better deal with unexpected turns of events. As a side benefit I am sleeping more deeply!”

Rick L

"I like they way Alexa teaches me in small chunks every day, not an overwhelming pile of information all at the same time. After 8 days, I am profoundly awed and impressed by your thoughtful work in designing this program.”