About Alexa

Alexa Zaledonis, has enjoyed wearing many hats over the past several decades and plans on changing hats often for the rest of her years!  Starting her professional life as a CPA in both public and private companies, she began her career in healthcare then found her way into the non-profit world as both an accountant and Chairman of a National Certification board. After 15 years and an itch for a new hat, she took her hobby of Massage Therapy and passion for meditation and created Even Keel Wellness Spa and Alexa Z Meditates. Twenty years later, over 1.2 million a year and twenty employees, Alexa sold the spa and it is still thriving and expanding with the new owner.  Today she still works on several accounting projects and also recently bought an art gallery in Maine. Sound crazy? Not at all, this is just a life full of activity, opportunity and excitement. The thread that kept this chronic entrepreneur on an Even Keel was the practice of meditation and mindfulness. This is why Alexa will always and forever share this practice with anyone looking to learn. 

 Suffering anxiety as a child, it was this nourishing practice she began at 17 years of age that not only stopped her panic attacks but set her on a journey where change is welcome, and stress is rewired into success. Currently, Alexa uses her simple, straightforward, and fun methods of teaching meditation personally and online with individuals, families, and corporations. Her clients often say, "I never thought I could learn to meditate, but Alexa made it so simple" or "Her class was a life-changer." She is so passionate about the positive change that meditation and mindfulness can bring that she drives a meditation/podcast van so that she can capture the mindful stories of the people she meets not tomorrow or yesterday but today, in the present moment.

 Alexa is a McLean Meditation Institute Certified Meditation Teacher, is Certified as an MMI - Mindfulness @ Work Trainer and Yoga Nidra instructor in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra Advanced Training. She is also a Thai Massage Therapist, yoga practitioner, and dog lover. All of which she finds way more fun than her University accolades. She splits her time between Annapolis, Maryland and Tenants Harbor, Maine, with her husband, Jerry Cunningham. She looks forward to sharing her gifts with those looking to quiet their minds, improve their health, discover more time in their busy lives, and uncover their untapped wisdom and talents.