Alexa Z Meditates

Alexa Z Meditates

Hosted by: Alexa Z Cunningham

A show filled with hints, tips and tricks on how to live life on an Even Keel. For those who meditate or maybe tried, loved it one day, hated it the next or maybe forgot why the heck they were supposed to do it...

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Trailer - I'm Back With New Season One

through a day without meditating.? I know I couldn't. Well of course I could but why would I do that? I need a rested body and mind and a nervous system ready to hold up to whatever is thrown at it and there is a lot....
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EP 36 Five- Minute Meditation - Safe Place

Episode #36

As we seek to build our resilience you can use this short five-minute guided meditation as your anchor to the present, safe, moment.
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Epiode 35: Where Did Your Mojo Go? Finding Resilience

Episode #35

Feeling out of sorts, a bit wonky? This pandemic has left a lot of us with a desire to make a change but hesitation or procrastination is affecting our ability to flourish. Let's see how you can move forward in life...
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EP34: Guided Meditation Experience - I am Peace

Episode #34

This episode of The Alexa Z Show provides listeners with a Guided Meditation experience called Yoga Nidra. The intention of this meditation is to provide a feeling of peace. Alexa discusses how this 20-minute...
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EP33: Why You Should Get Back on the Meditation Horse and Stay on It.

Episode #33

SUMMARY This episode of The Alexa Z Show discusses her "list" that causes a whole range of negative emotions within her, and the analogy of riding a horse to go the direction that you want to go. She talks about...
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EP:32 Making Courageous Decisions and Feeling Strong About it

Episode #32

SUMMARY This episode of The Alexa Z Show discusses the relationship of courageous decisions and meditation. Alexa begins by acknowledging the rapid changes everyone is dealing with and how to show up with the clearest...
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EP31 Stop Latching on to that Useless Story You Created and Get Back to Life

Episode #31

In this episode, I will shed some light on how meditation can help us stop latching on to stories in our minds that limit our abilities and, ultimately, our success. Are you going back to work, are you still...
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EP 30 Stop Surviving and Start Thriving – A Meditator’s look into what you might have missed in the middle of this COVID Pandemic

Episode #30

In today's episode, I am going to address a topic that might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. I like to call it, "Well, what the heck am I going to do now?" There is no way around it, life is going to look different...
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EP29 Learn to Mindfully Say No and Turn FOMO into JOMO

Episode #29

We live in a society where social media is steering our subconscious. Driving us towards what we think we should be doing, and often that has nothing to do with what we want to be doing. Everyone on Instagram is...
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EP 28 Why the Best Time To Learn to Meditate is in the Middle of a Sh*t Storm

Episode #28

In this episode, I am going to explain why right now is the perfect time to learn to meditate, not when life is great, peaceful, and fairy lights are glowing around your lawn. If you are not sleeping, feeling...
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EP27: March Un-Madness Week 2 - It's 2 am, and Yet Again, I am Wide Awake!

Episode #27

In today's episode, we will explore Mindful Sleep. As we age, our sleep patterns change, and those changes can be downright unpleasant. Even if you're a young buck who sleeps poorly, this episode is for you too! There...
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EP26 - March Un-Madness- Week 1 - Mindful Communication

Episode #26

We work hard to develop a meditation and mindfulness practice, but where do you see the benefits playing out? If you don't see benefits, then you won't keep practicing. If you limit your interests to just one thing,...
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