EP19: Integrative Medicine – What is It and Do You Need It?

Episode #19


In this episode, Alexa interviews Dr. Danielle Mcdevitt and Nurse Practitioner, Katie Tolley, at their practice in Turning Point Integrative Health Center in Annapolis, Maryland.  They discuss what exactly integrative medicine is.  Dr. Mcdevitt identifies the root cause of many people's health issues like inflammation and explains why meditation is her number one prescribed treatment.  Nurse Tolley addresses how integrative medicine is not just for adults, but how important it is in pediatric care.  Together, they are treating patients from a whole life perspective.



What is integrative medicine?

The root issue is inflammation.

How the "fight or flight" response affects your body and how meditation can help.

Relationship between adrenals and hormones.


Turning Point Health Center

Bio's of the Health Professionals at Turning Point