EP16: Guided Meditation: Lower Your Stress and Set Your Intentions

Episode #16

It's the last Monday of the year! Did you set your intentions? Did you listen to last week's podcast on resolutions, intentions, and goals? If not, I hope you will take a moment and go back and listen and start to look inwards for that personal space where you can create fantastic intentions for your life and start living the life you want to live - start right now! 

I am hoping that one of your intentions for 2020 is to live a life with less stress through the practice of meditation. If it is, good, because today I gift you less stress through a beautiful guided meditation. The method I teach is called "SEED" Simple Easy Everyday Meditation that I learned from my teacher Sarah McLean many years ago. Meditation is for everyone. It is a lie if you tell yourself, I am not the type that can learn to meditate. There is no magic type, only the kind that resonates with you. Drop all the brand names and stop worrying that you are picking the wrong method and start practicing!  I teach this one because, although I have studied many others, this one makes sense to me, and I have never taught someone and had them walk away and say, "Oh, that method is not for me."  Here is a little secret...the methods are all doing the same thing when it comes to training your brain to live in a quieter, less stressed environment where your nervous system calms, and you become more focused, engaged, and less reactive. Today all I ask is that you give this a try. Push pause, find a quiet place, close your eyes, and let's meditate together.

No expectations, no judgments, no trying hard. Just sit and be.

If you are having trouble finding life's intentions, stop looking, and start listening. We all know that the answers lie within. We need to get quiet to hear our wisdom.

Maybe you want to come back to this episode and listen to this guided meditation a few times, perhaps every day or even twice a day.

Join me on January 6th, and I will shed some light on the "Who am I and Why?"  There is no rush to get your intentions set, enjoy the process.