Trailer - I'm Back With New Season One

through a day without meditating.? I know I couldn't. Well of course I could but why would I do that? I need a rested body and mind and a nervous system ready to hold up to whatever is thrown at it and there is a lot. It's a never ending battle. I am 100% certain if I can meditate anyone can but hey you're not me right? You have your own stuff going on. You are extremely unique. However, after a decade or so of teaching, you might be surprised but I hear a lot of the same stories. We are often more similar than you might care to believe. This podcast will be my constant effort to throw meditative spaghetti at you and see what sticks. It just takes one noodle to fill you up.

Listen to some stories, reminders, motivations, facts and skills. Maybe some handholding or instructive baby steps. What ever it is, I will try to lead you down a path where it's your life, but better.

Some shows talk about meditation and then you experience it at the end. I haven't found that works for me or my students so I'm going head first into a new routine. Listen to this podcast when ever you want. Day or night, running or sitting, no rules. Then when you are ready, I will give you a way to start experiencing the effects of meditation. In the long run, I refuse to let you be all talk, I want to see action that moves you down the right path. The path that you intentionally set for yourself. No need to wait. Let's dive in. Go big or go home.

Tune in to the first season of getting started down the road to peace. Each season will last about a month will a consistent theme. We will build this castle one beautiful stone at a time.

Let's be victorious together.