Alexa Z Meditates

Alexa Z Meditates

Hosted by: Alexa Z Cunningham

A show filled with hints, tips and tricks on how to live life on an Even Keel. For those who meditate or maybe tried, loved it one day, hated it the next or maybe forgot why the heck they were supposed to do it...

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EP25: ADD and Anxiety in the Youth an Interview with Katie Tolley

Episode #25

In today's episode, we will be discussing a very important topic that is near and dear to me, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and anxiety in our youth. I am lucky enough to have Katie Tolley back on the show. Katie...
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EP24: Demystifying Meditation with Sarah McLean

Episode #24

Summary In today’s episode, with the help of Sarah McLean, the owner of the McLean Meditation Institute, my personal teacher, and a woman with an unusual and exciting background, we will demystify meditation.  There...
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EP 23: Three Things to Make Meditation a Slam Dunk

Episode #23

In today's episode, I am going to discuss three things to make your meditation a slam dunk. By slam dunk I mean a practice that is simple, effective and best of all YOU WILL STICK TO IT! There are many methods, brands...
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EP22: Emotional Intelligence – Let Meditation Enhance and Expand this Valuable Asset

Episode #22

Intro In today's episode, I am going to shed a little light on emotional intelligence.  You might think you don't need to listen to this episode because you know all about it, you might have even read Daniel Goleman's...
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EP21: Are You Good at Multitasking? No, you are not, nor should you be!

Episode #21

In today's episode, we are going to shed some light on multitasking. You might be tired of hearing about multitasking, and monotasking is getting a little blase. If you are like me, repetition is necessary. I wear the...
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EP 20: Cognitive Decline. Is Your Memory Failing You? You Can Do Something About It – MEDITATE

Episode #20

Over the past few years, I have intimately watched my Mother's cognitive health decline. Trying to diagnose Alzheimer's, Dementia, accurately is tough and quite humiliating. Heck, I am embarrassed that I can't...
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EP19: Integrative Medicine – What is It and Do You Need It?

Episode #19

Summary: In this episode, Alexa interviews Dr. Danielle Mcdevitt and Nurse Practitioner, Katie Tolley, at their practice in Turning Point Integrative Health Center in Annapolis, Maryland.  They discuss what exactly...
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Ep 18: Begin with “Who Am I?” and the Rest Will Fall into Place

Episode #18

Before we get engrossed in today's episode, let me give you a moment to hit subscribe. I know you want to, and like me, you often forget. You wake up in the middle of the night and say, ah heck I forgot to hit...
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EP 17 Top 10 Tips to Help you Stick to Your Meditation Habit

Episode #17

Today I am going to shed some light on how to stick to habits. Although I am zeroing in on meditation, this really applies to all new practices that you may want to form. The significant part is that a meditation...
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EP16: Guided Meditation: Lower Your Stress and Set Your Intentions

Episode #16

It's the last Monday of the year! Did you set your intentions? Did you listen to last week's podcast on resolutions, intentions, and goals? If not, I hope you will take a moment and go back and listen and start to...
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ep15: Resolutions, Intentions & Goals - Oh My

Episode #15

Tis that time of the year, right? How does this sound: I am going to lose weight because I am fat and hate my body. I am going to spend more time with my kids because I stink at parenting. I am going to try and find a...
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EP14: Loving Kindness - Close your Eyes and Let's Meditate

Episode #14

In today’s episode, we are going to shift from listening to motivation for meditation to actually meditating, with a Loving-kindness meditation.  You may listen to this episode while driving, but you will likely want...
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