Alexa Z Meditates

Alexa Z Meditates

Hosted by: Alexa Z Cunningham

A show filled with hints, tips and tricks on how to live life on an Even Keel. For those who meditate or maybe tried, loved it one day, hated it the next or maybe forgot why the heck they were supposed to do it...

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EP13: Productivity - Get it Done!

Episode #13

In today's episode, we will discuss one of the top questions I receive, "Can Meditation and Mindfulness make me more productive and efficient?" The answer is yes, but don't get mad when you discover that the root...
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EP12: Emotional Overload – How to Attack it Before it Attacks You

Episode #12

Quote: “Did you lose a loved one and miss them terribly this holiday? You are in the company of many others, but it still feels like it is a heavy burden that only you must carry.” “Maybe you are on social media and...
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Ep11: Interview with Rick Ledgett - If Rick can Meditate so Can You!

Episode #11

In this episode, Alexa has a fun and entertaining conversation with Rick Ledgett, the former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency, Army Veteran, beagle lover, and meditator.  Learn some fun facts about Rick...
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EP10: Compassion - Give Me Some!

Episode #10

In this episode, Alexa discusses Compassion Meditation also known as Loving-Kindness She discusses the benefits of that can be felt within one’s self and those you interact with. Highlights: 01:50 Dali Lama quotes...
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EP9: A Short Silent Retreat can Change Your World - Create Your Own!

Episode #9

SUMMARY  In this episode, Alexa talks about silent retreats and the importance of having quiet time alone. She explains what it means to go through a noble silent retreat. Alexa tackles some common misconceptions...
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EP8: Yoga Nidra 101 - Is it Meditation and Why Should I Do It?

Episode #8

SUMMARY In this episode, Alexa talks about Yoga Nidra, a yogic practice that some call the sleep meditation or “the art of doing nothing.” It is an ancient technique that helps relieve stress and improve sleep.  Alexa...
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EP7: Lawyers, Judges and. Mindfulness OH MY!

Episode #7

In this episode of the Alexa Z Show, speaks with Indira Sharma. Indira is a practicing lawyer and is a partner at the law firm Saul Ewing Arnstein and Lehr. She practices meditation along with her husband. She’s a...
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EP6: Good Sleep Now - Meditation and Zs

Episode #6

In this episode of Alexa Z Show, Alexa speaks about the importance of getting a quality night’s sleep.  Many of her listeners express needing more sleep, unable to fall asleep, can’t stop thinking, etc.  She...
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EP5: Why Meditation Can Make you a BAD *ss

Episode #5

QUOTES: “Your brain needs a good cleaning just like your house, your car, your trunk.” “When you sit in the silence of your own brain, and you give it space for the really good stuff, the ‘who am I?’ is no longer a...
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EP4: Vacation and Meditation, They Rhyme for a Good Reason

Episode #4

In this episode of the Alexa Z Show, Alexa talks about how to meditate while on vacation (while she herself is on vacation in Maine) and how it’s actually a good time to improve one’s practice.  Alexa enumerates the...
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EP1: Top 10 Reasons Why You Can't or Won't Meditate

Episode #1

SUMMARY In this first episode of the Alexa Z Show, Alexa tackles why people can’t or won’t meditate. She enumerates the top ten common excuses people come up with, which what she likes to call “excuse du jour”.  Alexa...
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EP3: Meditation Apps - Are You App-Solutely Confused?

Episode #3

Are you app-solutely confused? In this episode, Alexa tackles everything about meditation apps. She provides a simple guide on how to pick, use and integrate with these apps. Alexa differentiates between learning to...
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